We are passionate about creating work environments where people and business thrive.
We achieve this through our thoughtful, customized and professional approach to human resource
and service strategies.



Spark People Solutions will change the way businesses approach their human resource strategies.
We believe in a world where, through properly designed and executed human resource strategies,
each member of the workforce is fully engaged and businesses are operating to their full potential.



Relationships - fostering genuine, open, honest relationships with each client is a foundation
of Spark People Solutions.

Integrity - simply, we will do what we say we will do. If we are unable to deliver on a request we will advise our client of the same. The reputation of Spark People Solutions is of the utmost importance and thus we will behave in professional, ethical and trustworthy way, at all times.

Results - through our tailored approach, we are committed to delivering on all our clients' requests, on time and on budget. We fully expect that our clients receive a return on their investment and that they will not hesitate in recommending Spark to their colleagues.

Service - we differentiate ourselves by ensuring our clients' satisfaction through a concentrated effort to understanding and anticipating their needs, providing clear communication, offering flexibility and resolving any concerns in a timely and professional manner.